OK, here's the deal. Is the sales market so slow that you're not making the money you used to? Is your agency so large that there are too many people taking a slice of an ever shrinking pie?

If you're tired of dealing with that every day, then WELCOME HOME! According to recent MSNBC article, rentals is going to be hot this year as people decide to "wait it out" and see which way the sales market turns. People still have to live somewhere, so they're going to rent!

We are are real estate apartment rental agency located in the heart of Davis Square in Somerville, MA. Our clients are primarily looking for apartments within the Cambridge, Somerville, and Arlington neighborhoods. We don't want to be the biggest, but our landlords and customers know we're the best at what we do. What does that mean for you? Personalized attention and support plus the freedom to be creative and build your own business within ours. Do you already have an established listing base outside these areas? We would be happy to discuss including those areas as well. Your role will be to handle the rental process from start to finish, ensuring that your client will be well cared for. We also have a listing incentive program, so we strongly encourage our agents to be creative and find new property owners that we don't currently work with!

So who would be our ideal candidate? Someone with real estate leasing experience who is tired of the typical bureaucracy and feels they will thrive in a smaller environment. Being independent, creative, and a "Go-Getter" are highly desirable. For the right person, we will train a new licensee.

To help you be successful, we will furnish you with your own desk with access to our advanced fully networked listing system. No more sharing desks and antiquated listing books! Our company uses the latest technology to manage apartment listings, communicate with clients, and generate quality leads, therefore proficiency with Windows is a must.

What else must you have? A current real estate license, vehicle, and cellular phone. But since you're already successful, you currently have all of that.


If this sounds like the opportunity you've been looking for,
then call or email Roy Seidenberg at:

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